Medium Hot Tub

Generally sized for 2-4 people, the medium hot tub is the ideal choice for most people. With a larger capacity than a small hot tub and greater efficiency than large hot tubs, it strikes the sweet spot in the middle.

The medium spa is still great for relaxing and soaking, alone or with a friend, but they have the capacity to fit the average family or another couple as guests. There is room to socialize without being in each other’s way — and they can fit more if you don’t mind being a smidge cramped.

While they aren’t quite as perfect for therapeutic use as the small hot tub, with the right jets and arrangements they can still do just fine in that regard.

Best of all, it’s fun to imagine showing off the spa to friends, relaxing after work, or hosting a barbeque and spa party. They aren’t terribly expensive to maintain, either, and have the widest variety of accessories available.
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