Striking Wood Appearance

Natural palette inspired by the lush outdoors

Core series No-Maintenance cabinets are designed to have the elegant appearance of natural wood, intertwined with the durability and minimal upkeep of fully composite materials. This cabinetry offers all the luxury of its natural counterparts, while removing the need for yearly sanding or staining. Simply rinse off your spa to easily maintain its pristine condition.

The rich and earthy-tones used in our No-Maintenance cabinetry, brilliantly accentuate the distinctive design of our spas while perfectly matching any backyard environment. Taking a page from nature, these cabinets are available in cool Graphite Grey, and warm Purple Rain.

SABLE cabinet


CHARCOAL cabinet


Simple Serviceability

Forward-thinking accessibility in every cabinet

Arctic Spas’ No-Maintenance cabinets also offer complete access to internal components for ease of serviceability.

The removal of one spa wall provides easy entry to reach all integral pumps and valves, without disturbing internal insulation.

Ensure your spa is stylish and protected with a No-Maintenance cabinet, today.