Why Buy a Hot Tub That is Built For the Cold?

by | Feb 14, 2019

Back in 1998, I found the Arctic Spa. I had never heard any other hot tub manufacture brag about how they are built for the cold. Most of the spas had references to something hot like Hot Springs or Sundance. Arctic references the cold where they are built. Who would want to buy a hot tub that brags about being built for the cold in their name?

Now that it is 21 years later and approaching 5000 spas sold here in Utah, the answer is that there are lots of people who buy something that is built for the harsh climate where they live here in Utah.

I went up to visit a customer’s hot tub in Deer Valley the other day. To get to the hot tub, I had to walk through snow so deep that sometimes I was up to my waist. I did have the thought of what I was going to do if I couldn’t move anymore. It was deep.

When I reached the spa, the snow was piled deep around the spa on all the sides and on the top of the cover. When the snow comes, you can easily see how well a spa is built by how much snow is melted around the spa indicating heat loss. Check out the picture. The snow is piled high all the way around.

Arctic Spas uses a unique way of insulating that is very similar to how your house is insulated, all the exterior walls are insulated. We have 3”-4” of high-density foam sprayed on the cabinet walls and the floor. This perimeter insulating system protects all of the equipment just like how the insulated, exterior walls of your house protect everything on the inside.

Every other manufacture wants you to believe that you have to have insulation sprayed on a water lines to protect it. If this was the case, your house is in big trouble as all the waterlines do not have insulation touching them. They are protected by these insulated, exterior walls, just like the Arctic Spa.

This perimeter insulation not only protects all the plumbing and equipment, but it also allows us to use a hybrid heating system by utilizing the excess heat from the motors to help heat the water reducing your electrical bill each month. I often say that we are the Toyota Prius of hot tubs. The Prius is a hybrid car meaning that it utilizes the excess energy as you slow down and stores it as electricity to reduce your gas consumption as you need to accelerate. This translates in to saving you money. Basically, the same process as how the Arctic utilizes excess heat to heat the water instead of venting this excess heat to the outside like other brands.

Arctic Spas come equipped with the thickest, strongest, best insulating cover of any brand. We all know and understand that heat rises, and you need the best to keep the heat in. Take a look at the picture again. There is a consistent thick layer of snow all the way from one side of the cover to the other. This shows there is very little heat loss to melt the snow.

Snow is the other danger to covers or better said, the weight of the snow is the enemy that can break the interior foam of the covers very quickly. The Arctic Polar cover holds well over 2000 lbs. of weight. We often demonstrate this by standing on the covers. Sometimes our customers will even get on the cover as well. This is something you will never see with any other spa brand.

Lastly, and just as important, the Arctic Spa is specifically designed for the cold climates by helping to protect you the user. We install an extra “wind lip” all the way around the spa. This gives you protection from the wind and little bit more privacy by having you sit a little deeper in the spa.

So when we say we are built for the cold it is more than just words. We use perimeter insulation, 100% plumbing and equipment protection, hybrid heating utilizing excess heat to heat the water, extra high insulated covers and extra protection from the “wind lip” for you.

As a hot tub service guy, this is what impressed me as I was the one fixing hot tubs that were, frankly, not built for the cold 21 years ago in Park City. This is why I chose to bring the Arctic Spa to Park City and Utah. This is why we have close to 5000 Arctic Spas here in Utah.

A hot tub under snow