Arctic Spa Overheating? Check out why and a simple fix.

by | May 8, 2020

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. I love this time of year when we start transitioning to the warmer weather and all of the outdoor activities. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter, snow, and skiing but it is sure nice when the sun comes out!

We also start receiving phone calls about Arctic Spas overheating as the outside temperature goes up. Here is the explanation of what is going on and a real simple fix to take care of this for you.

Remember way back when you were purchasing your Arctic Spa and we explained how we utilize the excess heat from the motors to help heat the water reducing the electrical cost of operation, well this is the cause of the water temperature being hotter than what you want.

The motor is running too much and there is too much heat being absorbed by the water. This is due to the filtration cycle settings.

Ultimately the best setting for most people is to have spa filter for 1 hour, 4 times a day. To make sure the settings are correct, the filtration duration (fd) is set to 1, meaning 1 hour and the filtration frequency (ff) is set to 4, meaning 4 times a day.

Usually when the spa is overheating, it is because the filtration duration is set for more than 1 hour per filtration cycle.

Second, remember that the spa cannot really cool itself. You need to do something to physically cool the water back down. This would include leaving the top open or adding cold water to the spa until it reaches your desired temperature.

The third part to remember is that Arctic Spas are designed to be hot tubs not cool tubs. We are really designed to run at 100 degrees or above.

If you want to go below this temperature in the summer, you will need to add a vented door that allows the heat generated by the equipment to escape and not get utilized to heat the water. The doors are really easy to replace.

You just remove the two Allen screws that hold the winter door, remove the door, replace the door with the summer door and reinstall the screws.

If you would like to purchase a summer door, just go to, click on the search bar in the top right, and type in summer door.

It will come right up.

As always, we offer free shipping right to your house.

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