Arctic Moments – Family Time has never been more important

by | Apr 29, 2020

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. The other day I saw a funny tweet that said, “Day 2 without Sports: Found a young lady sitting on my couch yesterday. Apparently, she’s my wife seems nice.” If you are like most of us, we suddenly have found we have more time on our hands and the only face to face human interaction we have is with our family. Many of us are building stronger relationships with our family than ever before. Our mission at Arctic Spas is helping you make the connection with yourself and loved ones in an Arctic Spa. There is no better time to make a connection with your spouse and family in your Arctic Spa than now and it is made in the safety of your own backyard.

The other day we were all in our Arctic Spa and my kids found a new way to use the swim jets. Check this out! They aimed the swim jets off to one side, so it creates a big whirlpool current going around and around in circles. They would then jump into the current from the built-in sun deck. With the power of the swim jets, it is actually hard to hold on. They were having so much fun doing this over and over again. And the greatest part was that it was with each other not in front of the TV.

So remember hot tubs are not just about hot water and therapy, it is about connections with your family. We call these Arctic Moments. If you already have an Arctic Spa, take advantage of this time for your own Arctic Moments. If you don’t have an Arctic Spa yet, check out our full line of spas in all sizes, configurations, and price ranges at so you can also bring some Arctic Moments into your own family.

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